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This is the Datamatik SCADA online store. Datamatik acts as a distributor and project integrator for Motorola Radio and SCADA products.

The company specializes in Remote Control Operations, Supervisory Data transfer, Mototrbo Tetra digital telemetry transfer.




The need of a professional radio SCADA

Alexandre Van Damme

Normally the public cellular system (GSM) may not work in emergency because of saturation of the data access channels of the cells that leads to slow traffic until to make the data communications impossible. When wired connections, such as fiber are not available, a dedicated radio SCADA system should ensure communication success even during overload situations. At the end, the coverage area of the public cellular phone network (GSM) is targeted to cover the maximum population; it is not targeted to cover potentially risk area such as mountain, tunnels and remote locations. Due the previous reasons the emergency entities require an affordable, flexible, highly reliable, proprietary radio communications network to transport data.  The DATABOX modem based on DMR or TETRA complies with the industrial serial & ethernet data protocols such as IEC 60870-5-101 & IEC 60870-5-104 found in the European Power Grid monitoring market.