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This is the Datamatik SCADA online store. Datamatik acts as a distributor and project integrator for Motorola Radio and SCADA products.

The company specializes in Remote Control Operations, Supervisory Data transfer, Mototrbo Tetra digital telemetry transfer.



The ACE3600 remote terminal unit (RTU) combines the local processing of a PLC with the superior communications of a remote terminal unit for an all-in-one high-performance unit. It allows seamless integration with multiple PLCs, RTUs and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED). A powerful processor combined with versatile input/output modules allows this RTU to be used for the most demanding SCADA applications, including those in:

Electric Utilities

Oil and Gas

Water and Wastewater


ACE3600 RTUs can be expanded with multiple, simultaneously operating communication ports in a range of industry protocols. The communication capability is specifically designed to support secure communications over diverse networks.


Remote control and monitoring applications
Water/Wastewater: Improve distribution system or collection system operation, optimize treatment plants and realize chemical and energy savings.

Electric power distribution: Implement Distribution Automation systems by controlling load break switchgear, reclosers and other IEDs (intelligent electronic devices).at substations, pad or pole top locations.

ACE3600 Power Supply - Front Panel

ACE3600 Power Supply - Front Panel

Oil & gas pipelines: Monitor and control flow, pressure, cathodic voltage; perform emergency shutdowns, monitor remote exploration and storage sites.

Early warning/siren control: Perform routine tests and remotely activate sirens for public annunciation of emergency conditions.

Communication network monitoring and control: Perform remote monitoring of critical equipment such as power systems, environmental control systems, tower lights, etc.

Fire station alerting: Quickly dispatch fire equipment and resources with remote control of lights, sirens, voice public address systems, doors, etc.

Versatile communications options
Supports up to 5 ports, ACE3600 can simultaneously communicate over RS-232, RS-485, radio and IP, while using the same/different protocols.

ACE3600 CPU - Front Panel

ACE3600 CPU - Front Panel

  • Analog conventional radios

  • Analog or digital trunked systems

  • Multiple Address Systems

  • Telephone/leased lines, and fiber-optic links

  • Microwave and satellite

  • Wired and Wireless IP networks

Flexible Input/Output options
0,3,5,7 or 8 I/O slot options (plus 19”rack) with support for up to 104 I/O modules. All I/O are hot swap replacement including the high-voltage digital modules.

Data security
ACE3600 supports encryption over wireless with downloadable keys.

Graphical User Interface
The System Tool Suite (STS) programming tool features user-friendly, menu-driven GUI that allows program development and local and remote system setup and maintenance.

Industry-accepted protocols
ACE3600 RTU supports multiple industry protocols such as Modbus, DF-1, DNP3.0, and IEC 60870-5-101 and allows direct connection of smart sensors, PLCs and IEDs.

Motorola Data Link Communication (MDLC) protocol
MDLC protocol has robust error handling to provide reliable communication. It enables RTU-to-control-center and RTU unit-to-unit direct communications without a dedicated repeater.

MOSCAD Compatibility
With MDLC protocol, new ACE3600 RTUs can be easily integrated with existing MOSCAD family RTUs into a single system.

CPU and Performance Characteristics

Operating system

VX-Works: Real-time system


Multicolor LEDs, push buttons, audio monitor operations/communications


Power Quic II 200 MHz Processor


FLASH 16mb, SDRAM 32mb, optional SRAM 4mb

Backup battery

Rechargeable Lithium for RTC and SRAM: Minimum of 90 days

Communication Ports and Support

Modem support

Dial-up modems, cellular modems (dial mode & PD)


Up to 3xRS485 ports


Up to 4 x RS-232 ports

Program transfer capability

Upload/download for all sites: site configuration data, user application data, user data

Date and time accuracy


Ethernet ports

Up to 2x10/100 MB ports and 1x10 MB port



Two-way radio

Up to 2 x modem ports

Firmware transfer capability

Safe remote download of RTU firmware

Motorola radio support

Mobile two-way radio: CM200, CM340, GM3188, EM200, CDM750
Portable two-way radio: HT750, GP320, GP328, PRO5150
ASTRO: XTL2500 (digital and analog trunk)

I/O Modules

16 and 32 digital input digital output combination modules

16 DI/32 fast capture 24V and 16DI fast capture IEC 61131-2 Type II modules

16 and 32 digital input digital output combination modules

Combination module with groups of digital inputs/outputs, selectable in groups of eight (8); outputs are MOFSET rated at 500mA

4 analog output module

4AO 0-20mA or 0-10VDC, 14 bit D/A


Mixed I/O 16 DI + 4 DO + 4AI module

16 Digital Inputs + 4 EE Relay Outputs + 4 Analog Inputs, ±20 mA; 16 Digital Inputs + 4 ML Relay Outputs + 4 Analog Inputs, ±20 mA

12 relay output hi voltage

12 EE or ML relays 120/230V (maximum 3.0A)

General characteristics

I/O Optical Isolation and Surge Protection per IEC255-5, Module Hot Swap Capability, Automatic Module recognition by CPU, LED indication per I/O plus module error LED

8 and 16 digital output relay modules

Relay outputs, either electrical energized (EE) or magnetically energized (ML), 2A@30VDC, 0.6A@60VDC, 0.6A@30VAC

8 and 16 analog input modules

8AI/16AI ±20mA, 4-20mA, 16 bit A/D, input scan time 8.3ms@60Hz filtering
8AI/16AI ±5V, 0-5V, 1-5V

8 analog input 4 analog output combination module

8AI/4AO ± 20ma or ± 5V, AI 16 bit A/D, AO 12 bit D/A

16 digital input hi-voltage

16 Digital Inputs 120/230V

Physical Characteristics

I/O slots

0, 3, 5, 7 or 8 I/O slot wall-mount frames, 19" rack on 8 slot frame

Metal chassis dimensions (H x W x D)

Small: 355 x 335 x 198 mm
Large: 500 x 500 x 210 mm

Physical dimensions (H x W x D)

From 244 x 117 x 198 to 500 x 500 x 210 mm

I/O expansion options

Requires a 100Mb/s LAN; allows expansion of up to 13 remote I/O racks (maximum of 110 I/O modules of any type)


Wall, rack or chassis mounted


From 1.9 kg to 3.3 kg (4.19 lbs to 7.3 lbs)

NEMA 4 IP65 housing dimensions (H x W x D)

Small: 380 x 380 x 210 mm
Large: 500 x 500 x 210 mm

Power Supply Options


90-264 VAC, 60/60 Hz with or without Battery Charger



18-72 VDC with or without Battery Charger

Plug in power supply

Optional 24VDC (floating, 150mA) available for certain modules to provide wetting voltage or power analog sensors


10.8-15.5 VDC

Power supply options

Controlled auxiliary outputs, short circuit/overheating protection, monitored by CPU module, temperature compensated battery charging, battery load testing

Regulatory Specifications


CFR 47 FCC part 15, subpart B (class A), ENC550022:2003 Class A, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3

Safety standards

UL 60950-1: 2001, CSA 22.2-60950-1, IEC 60590-1, AS/NZS 60950


EN50082-2, IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 61000-4-2 to 4-6, 61000-4-11

User Environment

Operating altitude

-400 to +4000 meter (-1312 ft to +13120 ft) above MSL

Operating temperature

'-40 ºC to +70 ºC (-40 ºF to 158 ºF)
Note: radio operating temp. range is: -30 ºC to +60 ºC (-22 ºF to 140 ºF)

Mechanical vibrations

EIA/TIA 603 base station, sinusoidal 0.07 mm @ 10 to 30 Hz, 0.035 mm @ 30-60 Hz

Operating humidity

5% to 95% RH at 50 ºC non-condensing

Storage temperature

-55 ºC to +85 ºC (-67 ºF to 185 ºF)


SECURITY against hacking



Assign specific roles and permissions to perform certain operations based on those roles. i.e. security admin could define roles and assign permission to each role.



Data-at-Rest (DAR) protection ensures all data stored on devices or applications is encrypted with FIPS 140-2 validated AES 256 bit encryption significantly reducing the threat of lifting confidential data from compromised devices. Ensure secure data in transit with end to end encryption with AES 256 bit encryption.



Permit or deny data transmission into your system or device based on rules and established criteria. All IP messages must pass through a firewall which examines each one and blocks those not meeting security criteria.



Monitor any and all activity including suspicious activity or deviations from set security policy. Any attempt of unauthorized access to a secre ACE3600 RTU will be blocked and logged. The security log is encrypted and saved in FLASH memory to prevent malicious alteration and can be retrieved for forensic purposes after the event.



Verify access to an RTU is legitimate from both other RTUs or system users with authentication.



The ACE3600 RTU enables unused ports to be disabled, reducing its vulnerability to unauthorized access.



Block unauthorized applications from your components by allowing only pre-approved programs to run. The ACE3600 RTU have application control mechanisms tested by McAfee Solidifier.



Add additional layer of defense to limit the risk of replay attacks such as disgruntled employee with legitimate access. Timestamps are added to the command messages. The subsequent “action” must be received within a designated time and contain elements that match otherwise the action will be rejected.



Automatically look for malicious activity or violates security policies. The ACE3600 will only allow legitimate traffic to enter and block malicious activity.  Unauthorized activity is logged and can be reported to a designated control center.