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This is the Datamatik SCADA online store. Datamatik acts as a distributor and project integrator for Motorola Radio and SCADA products.

The company specializes in Remote Control Operations, Supervisory Data transfer, Mototrbo Tetra digital telemetry transfer.




AQUANOR 2019 (Trondheim) - August 20th - Product Launch

Alexandre Van Damme

B-Aquasafe is used as a man-in-water detector. Once connected to your Mototrbo radio, the sensor triggers an emergency alarm on all listening radios. Testings are on-going, product release is intended release during the Fall of 2019.

B-AQUASAFE Bluetooth.gif

This Man-In-Water detector is fully compatible with Mototrbo radios equipped with Bluetooth and Generic Option Board (GOB). As soon as the sensor is in contact with water, the alarm is sent using the Motorbo emergency channel of the radio infrastructure. This alarm message has priority over voice communications. The message will keep being sent until someone acknowledges the alarm.

OMTS delivery to TechnipFMC for Coral South FLNG

Alexandre Van Damme

Carson Chan is back in Oslo for the factory acceptance test (FAT) of the Coral South OMTS system. Nokia Singapore and TechnipFMC were present during the FAT that took place at our Datamatik Office in Oslo on May 16th 2019. The Telemetry system is now on its way to East Asia where the Coral South commissioning is scheduled later during the year.

Carson CHAN, Nokia-TechnipFMC-Datamatik OMTS FAT, Oslo, May 16th 2019

Carson CHAN, Nokia-TechnipFMC-Datamatik OMTS FAT, Oslo, May 16th 2019

Gas detection

Alexandre Van Damme

The Dräger X 8000 gas detector measures up to 7 different gases, transfers the gas measurement values via Bluetooth and triggers an alarm locally on the device. An optional Bluetooth module gives connectivity to a Bluetooth android APP.


Meet us at Oslo Airport - Oct 18th 2018

Alexandre Van Damme

2018 has been a year of software developments. We have been working on a bunch of exciting SCADA features and would love to present them to you during our Dealer meeting at Oslo Airport next week.

radios greenline.jpg

OMTS - offloading monitoring telemetry system using two radios to authorize a transfer between vessels. The fluid transfer will only take place when both the storage facility and the receiving tanker have sent their READY signal, also called the GREEN LINE.

B-Aquasafe is now an OPC Server!

Alexandre Van Damme

Datamatik distributes a Man_In_Water detector to the aqua-culture industry in Norway. With B-AQUASAFE installed on your portable radio you make sure that an alarm message in sent to all the other radios in case of a man-water-situation.
The novelty is that this alarm message is now OPC-based which opens a whole new range of possibilities.

OPC Alarm messages can be used to automatically stop a high-pressure pump, or for instance turn-on the lights on the farm-infrastructure. The OPC Alarm message will carry the name of the operator with its GPS-location. Acknowledgment features will inform others that the emergency task is being taken care-of. For more information about OPC, B-Aquasafe, or Alarm Dispatch for Radios please use our chat-box at the bottom of this page.

Coming Soon!
The same alarm mechanism is being adapted for the Dräger Gas detector. The gas detection alarm is forwared to the main control room using OPC messages. Those OPC messages are used to start a gas extraction procedure.


Can I turn a Motorola radio into an OPC Alarm Client?

Alexandre Van Damme

The answer is YES!
Upgrade your current portable radios with our new firmware and start receiving alarm messages that help you run your day-to-day operations. This Alarm Dispatch solution is nothing else than an OPC Alarm Client for the portable Motorola 2-way radios (Mototrbo, TETRA). Visualize the full active alarm-list at once with the possibility to acknowledge those alarms sending your operator ID & GPS coordinates.

OPC AlarmClient Motorola Solutions.GIF

The OPC standard is now widely spread in the process & control industry making it an essential component to aggregate alarms from various sources (PLCs, RTUs, IIoT Servers, ticketing systems, other dispatching solutions). With this OPC Alarm Client, Datamatik AS provides you with a solution to aggregate alarms from different sources to display the alarm list onto your portable radio LCD screen.
Workers evolving in ATEX Zones are able to stream the alarm-list and acknowledge alarms in the most extreme conditions.

Alarm Dispatch for Radios

Alexandre Van Damme

Display your alarm messages on the Motorola Portable Radios. Once installed on your Alarm Server, this software plugin lets you broadcast the alarm list to your operators using their UHF/VHF Motorola portable radios.

AlarmDispatch  for  Radios  is a software plugin commercialized by Datamatik AS to publish the business logic or process logic onto the radios carried by the operators.

AlarmDispatchforRadios is a software plugin commercialized by Datamatik AS to publish the business logic or process logic onto the radios carried by the operators.

To find-out more about this new product, please visit our online store, or get in contact with us using the chatbox. AlarmDispatchforRadios is OPC compliant.


Emergency Shutdown System - SCADA Order

Alexandre Van Damme

Zetacom has placed an order with Datamatik AS for an Emergency Shutdown System to be installed onboard an offshore oil production complex made of three floating vessels. The ESD function is made consistant between the three vessels using a redundant UHF Motorola radio link. Thereby triggering the shutdown command onboard the FPSO vessel immeditately propagates to the drilling and supply vessels. Mr Cason Chan, director at Zetacom has set-up this strategic partnership with Datamatik to deliver his Singapore based system integrators with DNVGL D202 safety systems.

Carson Chan beleives in strong partnerships to reduce the integration costs of radio telemetry systems.

Carson Chan beleives in strong partnerships to reduce the integration costs of radio telemetry systems.

Field integration

Alexandre Van Damme

Congratulations to the Haukipudas power plant team (Finland) for their successful field integration of their radio SCADA infrastructure. The data throughput sustains an IEC 101 connection between the ABB Microscada control room and the ABB Remote Terminal Units - RTU in the field. For more information contact Viestimaa Oy.

Offloading Monitoring Telemetry System

Alexandre Van Damme

Datamatik commercializes an OMTS (offloading monitoring telemetry system) based on Motorola Solutions technology. The product is highly compact & suitable for ATEX environments. The technology was demonstrated during the Spaceport Norway conference in front of Kongsberg Seatex AS.

OMTS Motorola

The need of a professional radio SCADA

Alexandre Van Damme

Normally the public cellular system (GSM) may not work in emergency because of saturation of the data access channels of the cells that leads to slow traffic until to make the data communications impossible. When wired connections, such as fiber are not available, a dedicated radio SCADA system should ensure communication success even during overload situations. At the end, the coverage area of the public cellular phone network (GSM) is targeted to cover the maximum population; it is not targeted to cover potentially risk area such as mountain, tunnels and remote locations. Due the previous reasons the emergency entities require an affordable, flexible, highly reliable, proprietary radio communications network to transport data.  The DATABOX modem based on DMR or TETRA complies with the industrial serial & ethernet data protocols such as IEC 60870-5-101 & IEC 60870-5-104 found in the European Power Grid monitoring market.

IEC 60870-5-101 over Mototrbo

Alexandre Van Damme

Unlock your digital radio infrastructure to transport your telemetry data. Once the 'DataBox' is connected on the DB-9 rear panel of your DM4400e radio, the Process & Control data is transported over the VHF/UHF link. The serial data IEC 60870-5-101 protocol is transported over a DMR (Mototrbo) radio link which enables a seemless scada integration into your power grid.

The data throughput using a IEC101-Mototrbo radio link is roughly x10 times lower than using a serial cable connection. These perfomances will surely vary depending on the quality of the radio link but are perfectly suited for Power Grid Monitoring operations.

Hydro-power monitoring - DMR link

Alexandre Van Damme

The following set-up unlocks your digital radio network to transfer metering data via VHF/UHF at no additional infrastructure cost.

A Mototrbo data channel is a low speed data pipe with an efficient over air data transfer rate of 1200 bps. It is suitable for transmission of simple telemetry reporting such as (level-meter values, GPS location coordinates or alarms & messages). The datathroughput of a Mototrbo radio channel will vary based on the channel configuration, eg simplex, data revert, or trunking. The data messages are 322 bytes including a 16-byte mototrbo header. A message takes approximately 2.14 seconds to transmit. For this very reason, Mototrbo telemetry applications use a 3-second updating cycle.

Nødnett SCADA

Alexandre Van Damme

Make use of Nødnett to transfer process & control telemetry data. The ACE1000 remote terminal unit is fully compatible with TETRA Nødnett to transfer your metering or process control data over the secured emergency network in Norway. This pre-assembled solution is available commercialized as a ready-to-go package. Directly connect your sensors or existing RTU solution via the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol (ethernet cable). Compatibility with ABB Compass, Siemens.

OMTS - Offloading Monitoring Telemetry System

Alexandre Van Damme

The Norwegian Oil & Gas recommended guidelines for Offshore Loading Shuttle Tankers  -Guideline No. 140 - page 16 describes the use of an offloading monitoring telemetry system - OMTS to safely transfer the production of crude oil from the FPSO to the receiving tanker. The transfer is authorized by the broadcast of a green line signal which is interlocked by both the FPSO & the receiving tanker.

The OMTS is designed to integrate the exisiting FPSO transfer pumps control systems using a Motorola Remote Terminal Unit - ACE1000 and a couple of Motorola Radios. The ACE1000 is responsible to guarrantee the integrity of the radio link and shut the transfer in case of a loss of signal. For more information, please contact us directly.

Unlike other OMTS systems available on the market, this solution is portable & easy of use. A set of 2 handheld radios is delivered to the shuttle tanker inside a pelicase.

OMTS - Offloading Monitoring Telemetry System based on Motorola Solutions ACE1000 technology.

OMTS - Offloading Monitoring Telemetry System based on Motorola Solutions ACE1000 technology.

The Nødnett Days 2016

Alexandre Van Damme

The Nødnett Days is the most important event of the year for emergency communication and preparedness in Norway. Datamatik will be present at the conference to present the radio terminals for both voice and data communications. The safety network supports telemetry which opens a whole range of applications.

More about Nødnett days conference in Trondheim.
More about data applications using Nødnett, just give us a call or chat.