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Jerikovn. 16
Oslo, 1067


This is the Datamatik SCADA online store. Datamatik acts as a distributor and project integrator for Motorola Radio and SCADA products.

The company specializes in Remote Control Operations, Supervisory Data transfer, Mototrbo Tetra digital telemetry transfer.


SCADA Courses

Get the training you need to deploy your own SCADA system.
Pick a training module based on your customers or commercial needs.

ACE1000 Getting STarted (2 days)

Presentation of SCADA business cases using ACE1000 or ACE3600, typical hardware deployments & unit counts. Hardware assembly and  radio components. Learn how to define your project topology. Pricing method for SCADA systems deployment.

ACE1000 Basics & Troubleshooting (2 1/2 days)

This class is designed for anyone supporting ACE1000 hardware. Students will learn how to configure, download and troubleshoot a ACE1000 RTU using Motorola's System Tool Suite (STS) programming software. Basic RTU funtionality such as Firmware Downloads, Network Configuration and Store & Forward will also be covered.


This class is designed for anyone performing application modifications or maintenance for new or exisiting ACE1000 applications using an AutoGen (automatic code generator). Students will learn to set-up or modify an equipment list, run the automatic code generation script, upgrade the remote terminal units with a fresh software upload.

The course will detail the mechanics involved behind the AutoGen Script:

  • AutoGen for Alarms
  • AutoGen for OPC
  • AutoGen for HMI points
  • AutoGen for PLC logic
  • AutoGen for RTUs
  • AutoGen for Alarm Grouping Logic

CITECTscada & RIVOPS Programming for ACE1000 (2 1/2 days)

This class is designed for anyone supporting RIVOPS - CitectSCADA HMI applications. Basic CitectSCADA concepts covered include tag creation, alarming, historical trending and graphic creation. In addition, students will configure the ACE1000 Modbus I/O server and interface OPC tags to ACE1000 I/O points.