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This is the Datamatik SCADA online store. Datamatik acts as a distributor and project integrator for Motorola Radio and SCADA products.

The company specializes in Remote Control Operations, Supervisory Data transfer, Mototrbo Tetra digital telemetry transfer.

User Guide for the installation of the databox

24/7 support Tel: +31 643 804 915

24/7 support Tel: +31 643 804 915



  1. Install the wibukey software for the USB dongle

  2. Install Java 32 bit update

  3. Install Motorola Solutions CPS (v16.0, Build 828 , 5 dec 2018)

  4. Update CPS with the DM4400e firmware, or MTM54000

  5. Install CPTT software version 1.50

  6. Buy a CPTT license with USB dongle (optional)

  7. Install USB/RS232 - Brainboxes drivers, Win7 32&64

  8. (temp) Install the USB/RS232 - CH340 drivers

  9. Install a terminal software, for eg. Real Terminal

  10. Download the Mototrbo Radio Sample configuration files

  11. Configure & Power the two DMR radios using CPS

Step 1 - Cable layout

Establish the following cable layout (below)


Step 2 - Configure  USB/RS232 port

-Connect the USB / RS232 adaptor to the controlling station.
-Connect the USB / RS232 adaptor to the controlled station. Update Windows driver when necessary. 
-Identify COM port using the Windows device manager of the controlling station.
-Set-up the COM route inside the Controlling Station & Controlled Station.

Step 3 - Configure the IEC 101 - Master/Slave

-Configure the IEC101 connection profile inside the SCADA Master or Master Emulation (controlling station).
-Configure the IEC101 connection profile inside the SCADA Slave or Slave Emulation (controlled station).
-Establish a succesfull IEC101 connection connecting to controlling station or controlled station.


-Configure the control room radio for GroupCalling by setting-up the Radio ID and Group:
-Configure the remote stations' radios to ID,, ... 12.0.0.n and the group ID



The control room data-box can now be set-up to talk to the group using the transparent mode and the following AT command:

AT+AUTO=, 4096,50<CR>

The remote stations databox should be set-up to always answer using direct calling to the control room radio with the AT command:

AT+AUTO=, 4096,50<CR>

infrastructure ICE101



-Run the terminal software using (com#, baud rate 9600, databit 8, parity none, stop bits 1, handshaking none).

  • Troubleshoot the cable layout

  • Troubleshoot the data box

  • Troubleshoot the radios

  • Troubleshoot the controlling station

  • Troubleshoot the controlled station


STEP 6 - Introducing an Ethernet / Serial converter (optional)

- Configure the Moxa NPort 5000 series. Using the N Port Administrator Suite or the PComm Terminal Emulator for Win7 x64 and read the User Manual.

moxa NPort