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This is the Datamatik SCADA online store. Datamatik acts as a distributor and project integrator for Motorola Radio and SCADA products.

The company specializes in Remote Control Operations, Supervisory Data transfer, Mototrbo Tetra digital telemetry transfer.

OPC DA for Radios


OPC DA for Radios

gas detector BT thumb.png
gas detector BT thumb.png

OPC DA for Radios


Acquire sensor values via Bluetooth. Transmit those telemetry read-outs back to the control room. This smart piece of software transforms your portable Motorola UHF radio into an OPC DA Client capable of continuousely refreshing a data value, or even trigger an alarm. This firmware upgrade will transform your radio subscriber into a DA Client without altering the voice radio capabilities.

For a list of available sensors, please download our User Manual.

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Streaming DA values

Connected sensors are sending values to the OPC servers responsible for triggering alarms, or displaying live data streams.

Bluetooth connected sensors.png

This strict Data-Access (DA) implementation of the OPC standard opens many possibilities to integrate new sensors into your operations. For example the Dräger Multi-Gas detector can be embeded as part of your Life Support control system or even a Gas detection control panel.

aquasafe gas detection motorola.png

Full integration

The OPC DA feature is fully compatible with the OPC AE Client functionality.

Alarm Dispatch for Radios configuration panel (1) let's you configure an OPC UA (AE or DA) Client (2) , over a process network (3) to the OPCDA server (8) and OPC AE Server (9). The Motorola Mototrbo driver (4) connects the radio infrastructure to the process network, making the distribution of alarms possible on the portable radios (5). The Bluetooth sensors connected (6) to the radio can be streamed over the digital radio link and made visible to the control room.